A Lesson for “Us” by Eitan Rapps


In Parshat Bereishit, 1:26 it says: “And Hashem said let us make man in our image….”  The Midrash learns that the “us” in the Pasuk, according to one opinion, refers to the מלאכים.  If they did not really assist Hashem with the creation of man, why does Hashem “ask” their opinion on it?  It seems that this phrase can be used to disprove that there is only one god in the world, so why is it here?

The Midrash answers that this Pasuk is here to teach us a lesson.  Hashem teaches us the concept of humility.  Even the greater one (Hashem) should consult the permission of the lesser ones (מלאכים).  Since it writes, “let us make,” and not “I will make,” we can learn that He actually consulted the consent of the מלאכים.  This lesson is a very important one in the sense that no matter how great you are, even the smallest minority has a say in the matter, and everyone’s opinion is important.

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