Au+Ag+Cu=Torah by Dr. Joel M. Berman


"Maet Kol Eesh Asher Yadavnu Libo Tikchu Et Trumotai"...from every man whose heart motivates him you shall take my portion.” (25:2)
Since in truth everything belongs to Hashem, what were Bnai Yisrael really giving? Torat Moshe answers; the only contribution a person can really make is a willing contribution. Anything given otherwise is valueless since the silver and gold already belong to Hashem. He explains, “from every man whose heart motivates him,” only from he who gives happily and willingly; “you shall take my portion,” from him you will accept a contribution, and from those who aren’t contributing willingly don’t take.

What do we get in return for a willing contribution? “Everything is alluded to in the Torah,” Licha Midai D'lo Ramiza Beoraita. The Chatam Sofer finds an answer hinted to in the letters of three words in the next Pasuk Zahav Kesef Vinichoshet “gold, silver, and copper.”

Zayin stands for the seventh day of the week, Shabbat; Hay stands for the fifth day of the week; Bet stands for the second day of the week; Chuf for Kippur; Samuch for Sukkot; Pey for Pesach and Purim; Nun for Neirot (Chanukah); Chet for Rosh Chodesh, including Rosh Hashana; Shin for Shavuot, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah; and Tet for Taanit (fast days).

These letters represent all of the days of the year on which we read Torah. We learn from this that only the person who gives willingly of himself will acquire Torah. I recall two Talmidim who learned in Yeshiva for a few years. One donated time every day to teaching junior Chavrutot, the other refused claiming that he had too much to learn and his time was too precious. By the time they left, I noticed that the one who donated his time had been transformed into a Mensch, a real gentleman. Closer inspection showed that he had incorporated Torah because he gave willingly of himself. Your (quality) Chesed hours are a great way to start.

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