Avraham came from where? by Ely Winkler


(כ"ג, ג) “ויבא אברהם לספד לשרה ולבכתה: Avraham came to eulogize Sarah and to bewail her”

Why is it so important for us to know Avraham came from somewhere?  Couldn’t the Pasuk have only said Avraham eulogized Sarah?  Where was this place that Avraham came from, and why was it so important for the Torah to emphasize this place? 

Many people know already of the famous answer that he was coming from Har Hamoriah, after he finished his test of עקדת יצחק.  However, we must further explore this answer.  Why was his being there at this point so important for us to know?

There is a Midrash that helps us with these problems.  The Midrash says that Avraham was promised the land of the ten nations on condition he completes ten tests corresponding to each nation.  After having an argument with his nephew Lot, and letting him settle in a portion of the land, Avraham worries that he might not get all the land, but he never complains to God.  Avraham sees that he has not yet completed all ten tests to inherit the land, and therefore doesn’t worry about not getting the land.

However, once his tenth task is completed, he goes directly to בני חת to purchase מערת המכפלה.  He comes straight from Har Hamoriah, and he is finally able to make the statement of “גר ותושב אנכי עמכם,” that now he is a תושב, a resident, and has full claim to the land after completing ten tests. 

Again this week we have clear vision of Avraham’s tremendous אמונה, faith in Hashem.  After he splits from Lot he doesn’t complain to Hashem, or worry about inheritance of the land.  He knew Hashem had a plan, and that he must wait patiently.  Hashem made him a promise, and he had full belief that He would keep it.  It is up to all of us to follow this important character trait of Avraham.

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