Doing a Deed by Orin Ben Jacob


We learn in Parshat Vayera that Avraham Avinu was going to have a visitor that no one could imagine – Hashem Himself. Could anybody hope for more in a lifetime?  However, even though he is getting a visit from Hashem, he asks Hashem to wait because there are three travelers that look like they could use something to drink. I think that it is amazing that Avraham Avinu would do Hachnasat Orchim rather than speak to Hashem. We learn from this that the entire world was built on kindness and charity.

The Gemara in Bava Batra says that when a person gives money to a poor person, he gets six Berachot, but when he goes over and talks to the poor person, he gets eleven Brachot. This teaches that giving money is not the only thing that counts. Therefore, even if one does not have a penny to give, he can just go over and comfort the other person and receive more Berachot. Everywhere, there are kind actions to do, but one must have patience like Avrahom Avinu did. He sat outside in the heat waiting for someone to help even though he was in pain. We should all learn a lesson from Avraham Avinu that we must want to do a Mitzvah, no matter how difficult.

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