Eternal Message By Jonathan Wienstien


In Parshat Haazinu משה delivers a שירה to Bnei Yisrael.  Within the שירה, there are different themes that all relate to one another. The first theme talks about how Hashem is just and does what is right.  We cannot blame Hashem for our suffering.  The second theme focuses on the historical perspective of the Jewish people.  Hashem took us out of the desert and we became prosperous.  We should have been grateful to Hashem but instead, we “got fat” and blamed Hashem.  The next theme tells us that if abandon or destiny of being the chosen people, then we will be punished.  The final theme assures us that Hashem will take revenge against our enemies and we will remain faithful to Hashem and His Torah. Based on these themes, we see that this  שירה puts our suffering throughout history and even today into perspective. We understand that we cannot blame Hashem for our troubles since Hashem only does just things.  Moshe is telling us not to lose faith in Hashem, especially when we are prosperous. Unfortunately Jews only seek out Hashem in times of trouble. Hashem wants to do only good for us but in order to keep us on the right path; Hashem will punish us and let our enemies attack us. Hashem is only doing this because we are on a higher level and therefore Hashem can be tougher on us. Eventually, Hashem will take revenge on our enemies and we will be saved. No matter what , we will always be Hashem’s chosen people.

Zachor by Rabbi Joel Grossman

Path To Teshuva by Ben Krinsky