Ezekiel Hart by Aryeh Krischer


After Egypt suffered Makkat Bechorot, the Plague of the Firstborn, Par’oh drives the Israelites from Egypt. On their way out, Bnei Yisrael pick up gold and silver from their Egyptian neighbors. They leave a wealthy people, as Hashem promised Avraham.

A similar story played out in the Canadian Parliament on the 29th of Tevet (January 29th), 1808. Ezekiel Hart was the first Jew elected to Canadian Parliament. Unfortunately, when he showed up at the Assembly and took the oath of office on a Jewish Bible he was thrown out. Mr. Hart returned to a private life and died a successful businessman in 1843. This story illustrates the endless variations of stories in the Torah that continue to play out again and again throughout the ages.

Carefully Calculated by Rabbi Scott Friedman

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