Food for Thought by Rabbi Tzvi Grumet


   Why are the names of משה's parents kept hidden from us if, after all, we will eventually find out who they are? Further, why does the Torah identify the שבט they were each from?

   When משה first ventures out and sees the plight of his brethren, how does he know that the Jews are his brethren? After all, wasn't he raised as a prince in the house of בת פרעה?

   Look at the beginning of פרק ג.  The תורה describes the scene a number of different ways. What exactly is it that משה sees? Why does the תורה describe it differently each time?

   When משה finally speaks to פרעה, he changes the message ה' gave him ever so slightly. Can you detect the changes? Can you figure out why משה made those changes

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