Food for Thought by Rabbi Zvi Grumet


   The מדרש observes that there are two times ה' tells Avram לך לך - once at the beginning of פרק י"ב (when אברם must leave home) and the other at the beginning of פרק כב (עקדת יצחק). What do the two לך לך's have in common? In what fundamental ways are they different?

   When אברם and לוט part ways, אברם tells לוט to either to the right or the left, and that אברם will go in the other direction. In what direction does לוט actually go? Is that considered 'right' or 'left?' In which direction does אברם actually travel?

   Toward the end of the פרשה, a מלאך informs הגר that she will have a son and that she should name him ישמעאל. When he is born, אברם is actually the one who names him, and 'just happens' to name him ישמעאל. What was אברם thinking at the time

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