Full Participation by Ely Winkler


“Reu, Kara Hashem Beshem Bitzalel Ben Uri Ben Chur Limateh Yehudah…Ulihorot Natan Libo, Hu Va’Ohaliav Ben Achisamach Limateh Dan,” (35:2-6) “See, I have called upon the name of Bezalel son of Uri son of Chur to the tribe of Judah…And I, behold, I have appointed him with him the son of Ahaliav the son of Achishamach of the tribe of Dan.”  The question is raised here by Rashi-why here does it say Reu as opposed to the first place both names are mention when it says Re’eh?  Further, the two names are  not connected here with the word “Imo,” with him, like they are in Parshat Ki Tisa?

Nechama Leibowitz quotes Rashi’s answer that here Moshe realized an err in his ways and decided to further equate Bezalel and Ohaliav as opposed to earlier when he put Bezalel on a higher level.  Also, the direct order of Reu, for all the people to see and not just Moshe, as opposed to Re’eh, just for Moshe to see, shows how Hashem recognized that the people must be included in this decision, after contributing money, and they all must also agree and approve and feel involved in something so important to Am Yisrael.  So too we all must learn not to discriminate between powers, like Bezalel and Ohaliav, and to make sure everyone feels involved in a Mitzvah.

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