Go by Simcha Yagod


For what purpose does Hashem write Lech Lecha, according to Rashi, who explains that לך, “Go,” means “go for your good and for your benefit?”  Does Avram doubt that his command is in his best interest?  Even if that command gives him trouble would Avram not still fulfill his duty as he demonstrated by renouncing idol worship in an idolatrous society?  Hashem wrote Lech Lecha to teach us to only give advice to people if our advice serves only their interests.  None of our interests may be intertwined with our advice regarding other people.  It is possible Hashem writes this because the Gemara teaches us “Just like Hashem is merciful and compassionate one should also be merciful and passionate.”  Therefore Hashem lets us know, by inserting, לך that advice can only benefit the one who receives it.

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