(2004/5764)The Mishna Berura (683:3) rules that one should
recite Borei Peri Haetz before eating the apple dipped in
honey on Rosh Hashana evening. It is reported by many
(including Rav Yitzchak Cohen of YU citing Rav Mendel
Zaks, the son-in- law of the Chofetz Chaim), though, that the
Chofetz Chaim retracted this ruling after he had written the
Mishna Berura. A similar report pertains to the Mishna
Berura’s ruling that a Beracha should be recited on fruit
eaten for dessert, even if it is common in one’s environment
to eat fruit as a regular component of the meal. It seems,
however, that normative practice is to follow the ruling
recorded in the Mishna Berura to recite a Beracha both on
the apple on the night of Rosh Hashana and on apples
eaten for dessert (see the ruling of Rav Eliashiv cited in Rav
Pinchos Bodner’s Halachos of Brochos p.87). The apple is
considered ancillary to the meal in both situations, and thus
the Beracha of Hamotzi does not excuse one from reciting
Borei Peri Haetz.

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