Halacha of the Week

(2004/5765) After reciting Havdala on Motzai Shabbat, one
should mention our belief in the coming of Eliyahu Hanavi
and Mashiach (Rama Orach Chaim 295:1).  Eliyahu cannot
arrive on Friday or Shabbat to announce the arrival of
Mashiach, so we mention Eliyahu after Havdala because
he is again able to come.  Many in Israel have the practice
to recite Rav Kook’s poem la'ad chayah bilvaveinu at this
time.  This poem expresses our hope and desire to return
to Eretz Yisrael.Yekum Purkan should be recited only
when one is davening BiTzibur (Mishnah Berurah 101:19).

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