Individuality in Flags by Tzvi Wiesel


Parashat BeMidbar focuses much of our attention to the counting and sorting of Bnei Yisrael. It first talks about the numbers of the Shevatim, individually counting each Sheivet. Later, it gives each Sheivet a flag and place to camp. Each Sheivet receives a banner of their tribe’s self-pride and glory. These flags had pictures of something important about each Shevat. When the Torah records where each of them is to camp and in what order, it is apparent how meticulous the Torah is and how important each detail of each tribe is. Whether it was the numbers or something even as simple as a flag and a permanent place, the Torah never omits a detail. This teaches how special each individual Jew really is. Everyone carries his own flag and has his own individual numbers and place, and we are a special people. Not only is Bnei Yisrael as a whole special, everyone is special, as Parashat BeMidbar shows. We should all try to remember that the person next to us had his own flag too; he is just as important.

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