Miracles and Unity by Willie Roth


According to the Kedushat Levi there are two kinds of miracles: seemingly natural ones and miraculous ones.  “Natural” miracles are miracles that take place based on something that we did.  “Miraculous” miracles are miracles that Hashem’s complete involvement can be clearly seen.  The two miracles of Chanukah are “natural” miracles.  In other words, they took place because of something people did.  The most famous miracle, involving the oil, was “natural” because there was the oil that existed that made the miracle take place.  The oil was supposed to last for one day naturally, the miracle was that it lasted for eight days.

The second miracle of Chanukah was that we defeated the Greeks when they had more soldiers than us,  “Rabim Beyad Meatim.”  The Chashmonaim gave the effort to actually try and fight against the Greeks, which was natural, and Hashem performed the miracle of us winning the war that was miraculous.  We can see that because of the effort of the Chashmonaim, they were saved.  So too we should do something so that Hashem can save us because of our actions.  We should try to learn more Torah, do more Mitzvot with proper concentration, and pray to Hashem with more concentration.  Then, Hashem will have something to save us for.  He will save us because of our actions just like with the Chashmonaim.  However, if we do not do these things then there will be nothing to base the salvation upon.  As we are in this terrible crisis with Eretz Yisrael in addition to giving contributions to Eretz Yisrael, we can also do things that have no cost.  There is no charge to sit and learn for at least a couple of minutes a day.  There is no charge to Daven with more Kavana and not be interrupted.  However, not only should we learn and Daven, it is equally important to be nice to our fellow Jew.  The second Bait Hamikdash was destroyed because of our bad behavior between one another.  In order to stop the terrible times in Eretz Yisrael we must be together.  Not only should we, American Jews, be united, which is extremely important, but also Jewish people as a whole must be united in our Torah and actions.  Then, Hashem will have some thing to base the miracle upon just like in the times of the Bait Hamikdash.  (Ideas concerning Chanukah taken from Studies in the weekly Parsha-Y. Nachshoni)

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