Night Visions by Eli Gartenberg


In this week’s Parashah, the words “BiMarot HaLilah” “In night visions” (46:2) are used to describe the conversation between Hashem and Yaakov. Why is this Nevuah (prophecy) described as night vision; nowhere else in Torah is a Nevuah depicted this way? Perhaps this reference to night, a time full of darkness and uncertainty, indicates that the Nevuah implies impending bad.

The Meshech Chochmah, however, understands the description differently. He beautifully answers that at this moment, as Yaakov prepares to leave the holy land of Israel and begin a two-hundred and ten year Galut, he fears for the fate of his family. So on the eve of the beginning of that exile, Hashem appears to Yaakov in a night visions, not to show an impending doom, but to promise that although they will be exiled, they will be returned and throughout the long Galut, Hashem will never leave Am Yisrael’s side. Nowadays, with all the difficulties of living in Galut, we must understand that just like Yaakov Avinu, when Hashem was around for the long and hard Galut, Hashem is alongside us, guiding and helping us until the days of Mashiach and our return to Eretz Yisrael.

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