Our faith in Shemittah by Danny Shulman


וכי תאמרו מה נאכל בשנה השביעית"” (Vayikra 20:25).  The Seforno writes that if someone has no doubt as to how they will get their food and survive throughout the Shemittah year, they will get the normal amount of produce during the sixth year.  However, this produce will be enriched with nutrients that will allow them to survive through the seventh year.  The Seforno goes on to say that people with less faith in Hashem will also be blessed with an excellent harvest.  However, they will get just enough food to last through the seventh year.  A third level of belief is that of the non-believer, someone who is worried about the Shemittah and does not believe that Hashem will help them.  It is these people who will surely suffer during the seventh year.  Rabbi Mordechai Gifter differentiates between these three levels of faith in Hashem.  The first is such a high level that the person does not even wonder how he will survive, but trusts that Hashem will guide him through the year.  The second group of people naturally wonder how they will survive, but still have some degree of faith in Hashem.  The third level includes the people who have no faith in Hashem; the people that will be punished during the Shemittah year.  We should always strive to reach the highest level of בטחון in Hashem, and know that He will always be there to guide us thorough the Shemittah year or any other troubles that cross our path.

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