Persistence by Ephraim Tauber

(2006/5766) In the beginning of Parshat VaEtchanan, Moshe says
(3:24), “VaEtchanan El Hashem BaEit HaHi,” “And I prayed to
Hashem at that time.”  Chazal say that Moshe was very persistent
about praying for entry into the Holy Land, and even prayed 515
times to be allowed into Eretz Yisrael.  This can be derived from the
Gematria, numerical value, of the word “VaEtchanan,” which equals
From Moshe we can see the love and desire one should
have for the Land of Israel.  Indeed, the Ibn Ezra comments on the

next verse that the purpose of this entire section is to enable
us to cherish the Land – only those who cherish the holy land
of Israel can truly keep the commandments of Hashem.
The number of times Moshe prayed to get into
Israel demonstrates how much he cherished the Land and
wished to observe all of Hashem’s commandments.  May we
be able to show our love for Israel to be as strong as
Moshe’s, and to observe the commandments on it
-- Adapted from a Dvar Torah in Growth Through Torah

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