Pillars of Stone by Etan Bluman


In Perek 28, Pasuk 11, the Torah says “Vayishkav Bamakom Hahu,” “And he laid down in that place.”  Rashi says that this is an expression of restriction: in that place he laid down to sleep, but during the fourteen years when he attended the house of Ever he did not lie down to sleep at night.  The Yad Yosef says that Yaakov could have found comfort and rested in the Bait Midrash of Shem and Ever but he decided to sleep on the twelve stones instead.  Rav Nechemia says that the twelve stones symbolize twelve things:  three stones refer to Avraham who had a close connection with Hashem, three stones refer Yitzchak and his connection with his Hashem, and Yaakov reasoned that he too had that same close connection with Hashem.  Rav Nechemia explains that the three remaining stones refer to the three “stones,” or pillars, that the world stands on: Torah, Avoda, and Gemilat Chassadim.  Rav Nechemia further explains that when Yaakov laid down on them, each stone began to fight over which one Yaakov would rest his head on.  Hashem replied that they are each equally vital and must all be linked together in order to form the foundation of the Jewish People.

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