Reprove Yourself by Avi Wollman


In Parshat Kedoshim, the Torah says, “Hocheach Tocheach Et Amitecha,” “You shall reprove your fellow” (19:17). In this Pasuk, the word “Hocheach” is repeated for emphasis. Yet, is the Torah emphasizing this?  R' Dovid Feinstein answers that this emphasis is not meant for the one who sinned but rather is to bring across an important message to the one who is reproving. The person reproving his friend must understand that before he can reprove someone else, he must first reprove himself. It is impossible to reprove someone else and make an impact on the sinner unless the sinner knows that your only motive is to help him out, which can only happen if the person reproving is careful in the Mitzvah. We learn that Aharon Hakohen was like this; he internalized all the lessons and virtues of the Torah, and thus, was able to reprove the sinners effectively. It is very important to strive to be like Aharon and to make the Mitzvot of the Torah part of us.

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