Spiritual Sleep by Ben Krinsky


This week’s Parsha describes Yaakov receiving a Nevuah in his sleep.  When he wakes up, he makes a Neder that if Hashem helps him on his journey, he will do the right things in life and follow Hashem’s path.  However, if Yaakov is good already and is following Hashem’s ways then Hashem should reward him. 

To fully understand this Neder we must look at the Bracha that Yaakov got from Yitzchak in last week’s Parsha.  This Bracha was intended to help Esav get Olam Haba by giving him the means to support Yaakov.  However, when Yitzchak transferred the Bracha, he used the word Elokim, the name of Hashem that refers to the Midat Hadin, judgment, because he wanted to make the Bracha conditional.  This was to make sure that Esav uses what he receives in order to support Yaakov.  As a result, when Yaakov ended up receiving Esav’s Bracha, the Bracha was also conditional.  Therefore, looking at this week’s Parsha we can now understand the terms of Yaakov’s Neder.  If Hashem helps him on his journey and in life, it shows that Yaakov is doing the right thing.

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