Spread the Wealth by Willie Roth


In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Lech Lecha Hashem tells Avraham לך לך מארצך וממלדתך, “Go from your land and from your birthplace.”  Rav Berechya asks what Avraham was compared to.  He answers that he was compared to a sweet smelling fragrance that stays in the corner of a room and does not spread.  However, once it is shaken it spreads to the rest of the room.  Hashem told Avraham, that he had a lot of good deeds and Mitzvot.  All he had to do was shake himself from place to place.  If he spread his good deeds, then ועשך לגוי גדול ואברכך, “I [Hashem] will make you [Avraham] in to a great nation and will bless you.”  Only after he shared his good deeds and kindness with everyone else would he get his reward. 

Avraham is well known for Hachnasat Orchim, the Mitzva of welcoming guests.  We see in the Torah how Avraham ran to greet and welcome three total strangers even when he was still recovering from his Brit Milah.  If these three strangers were actual people and not Malachim they would see how Avraham, whom they did not know, came rushing to them.  Then they would be nice to a different stranger.  They might see and help him, just as Avraham had helped them.  We can clearly see what effect Avraham’s deeds would have had on other people if they had spread around.  However, if Avraham just stays “in the corner,” and does not spread his good Midot, then no one would be able to benefit from him.  This is the greatness of Avraham.  He allows other people to act like him and be like him.  As a result of this, Hashem blesses him. 

In our days, we must strive to be like Avraham.  We have to be able to spread our good Midot with other people who are lacking.  We have to reach out to other people who are not as observant.  This is known as Kiruv, outreach.  Many people’s lives have changed because of it.  Whether it is NCSY, Lubavitch, or any other organization, it is very important to help other people out.  It is said that if every Jew keeps two Shabbatot then Mashiach will come.  However, before two comes one.  We should start getting people involved.  Then they will keep every Shabbat, not just two.  If we can do this, then we will be rewarded as greatly as Avraham, and hopefully bring the Mashiach.

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