Still Standing by Chaim Strauss


Rashi, citing the Midrash, asks why Parshat Nitzavim was written next to the Kelallot, the curses against Am Yisrael in Parshat Ki Tavo.  The Midrash answers that when Am Yisrael heard the 98 Kelallot, they were dismayed and disgusted to the point where their faces literally turned green, and they asked, “Who can bear these Kelalot?”  Moshe started to calm them down and said the Pasuk (29:9), “Atem Nitzavim Hayom,” “You are standing today,” and you have angered Hashem but, nonetheless, you are still standing before Him and have not been destroyed.”

No matter what kind of Aveirah or how much evil we do, we all have the ability to ask the Ribbono Shel Olam for forgiveness for our wrongdoings.  This is very similar to a father-son relationship, because we have the ability and privilege to stand in front of Hashem, our Father, no matter how much we anger Him.  Every person from Am Yisrael, righteous or not, will always be one of Hashem’s children.

Given that Rosh Hashanah is only days away, it is important for us to realize that because we are all part of Am Yisrael, we all have the ability to stand in front of Hashem on Rosh Hashanah and ask Him for Mechilah, forgiveness.  When we do so later this week, may will all merit to be written and sealed for a wonderful year of life.


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