Striving to Reach our Destiny by Scott Landau


            In this week's parsha, we witness a spiritual turning point of the world, the choice of Yaakov over Eisav to receive the Torah. This choice was not automatic, as we see Yitzchak wanted to give the Berachot to Eisav since he was the bechor. However, Hashem's will acting through Rivka, had Yaakov chosen to receive the blessings. The haftarah says that Hashem's choice of Yaakov was a sign of Hashem's love for him and hatred of Eisav. The prophet Malachi says because of Esav's wickedness, Eisav's nation of Edom will not prosper but is doomed for destruction. The Rabbis understand that the Romans, who exiled us, if not descendants of Eisav, are their spiritual heirs.  Like other prophecies, we don't know when this one predicting Eisav's downfall will come true, but we do know that it eventually will.  Yet it isn't enough for Bnei Yisrael to merely wait for Eisav's downfall, we must actively pursue our destiny.  Malachi describes the severe punishment of Bnei Yisrael for offering cheap Korbanot to Hashem and keeping the good animals for themselves.  He says that Kohanim can raise us up, by being teachers and models, the same things apply with leaders.  If the Kohanim and leaders do what they are suppose to we will reach our destiny.

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