The Am Segula by Andy Feuerstein-Rudin


In Sefer Devarim Am Yisrael is called an “Am Segula,” the chosen nation.  Am Yisrael is compared to a precious stone which is carefully watched and proudly displayed.  The Jews are are unique in world history.  No other nation has survived as long under such adverse conditions.  No other nation has been so prominent in world history contributing to the welfare of many countries.  Such great Torah scholars such as the Rambam, Abarbanel and Rav Shomshon R. Hirsch offered great services to the countries in which they lived.  Jews have stimulated the business of many countries and have shown mankind the way to monotheism and greater morality.  If you make a ratio the Jewish people as a whole have contributed more inventions, discoveries, and works of art than any other nation.  We have always achieved the top in academics and yet we have still found ourselves persecuted.  It has been almost two years that there have been attacks and bombs set off in Israel.  Most nations would have either committed suicide or completely give up if they were still economically stable.  Israel is still around and even though the economy is not that great they are still fighting as much as possible and getting help from those in the United states.

The Three Mountains by Ely Winkler

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