The Purpose of the Aron by Ari Clark


In this week’s Parsha, the Torah describes the dimensions of the Aron, the Holy Ark, and its different parts.  In Perek 25 Pasuk 21 it states, “Veel Haaron Titen Et Haedut.”  This seems to be a repetition of what was said just a few Pesukim ago in Pasuk 15.  Rashi answers that since it mentions the Aron first, it means that the Edut should be put in first and then the Kaporet should be put on the ark.

The Ramban asks a question on Rashi.  If the commandment is to teach us of the order of assembly like Rashi said, then it would have made more sense that the Kaporet be put on first and subsequently the Edut because the Aron is only called an Aron when the Kaporet is placed on it.  He also asks, why, with reference to Kruvim, the Torah repeats, “Asher Al Aron Haedut?”  Isn’t it obvious that the Kruvim are on the Aron?  The Ramban answers that when the Torah first mentions the Kruvim, it is not talking about their purpose or why they are on the Aron.  The Torah is trying to show us that all these parts of the Kaporet are one unit.  The job of this entire unit is to serve as the Kisay Hacavod, royal throne, for Hashem.  This Aron is where the Shechina of Hashem will rest and where Hashem will dwell.   

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