The Torah and Its Reward by Eli Gartenberg


Parashat Eikev discusses the requirement to fulfill and abide by the laws of the entire Torah and not to pick and choose what one wants to follow. We can learn this requirement from the fact that Hashem commands us to follow, “Kol Mitzvah Asher Anochi Mitzavecha” “Every Mitzvah that I command” (Devarim 8:1). The word ‘Kol’ emphasizes that Hashem commands us to fulfill all Mitzvot. However, this full service is not without reward. Hashem promises us countless Sechar, reward, in both this world and the next for unwavering devotion to the laws of the Torah. This reward is contingent upon the acceptance of the Torah as a single Mitzvah with subcategories just as important.

Later in the Parasha, Hashem informs us that if Bnei Yisrael fulfill the Mitzvot, He would bring them into a land that is described as “Asher Lo BiMiskeinut Tochal Bah Lechem” “you will live in it without poverty, and you will eat bread” (Devarim 8:9). This teaches us that if Bnei Yisrael abided by the Mitzvot, they would not have to worry about poverty, but rather would be satiated, which illustrates the great reward of fulfilling the Mitzvot.

Let us try to recognize the importance of following the entire Torah and fulfill this requirement throughout our lives.

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