Food For Thought by Yehuda Kranzler and Yonatan Schechter


   Parshat Bamidbar dealt with the Mishkan and counting B'nai Yisrael, Parshat Naso deals with the Mishkan and counting the Leviim.  Why are the Mitzvot of sending people out of the camp, stealing from a Ger, סוטה, נזיר, and the blessings of the Kohanim in the middle of these issues?  Is there a connection?

   The Korbanot of the twelve נשיאים (representatives from each tribe) are described in this week's Parsha.  Why are they all the same?  Why does the Torah have to repeat each offering if they are all identical?   

   In Perek ה' the Torah talks about the Halachot of סוטה.  By Pasuk כא, the Torah seemingly finishes talking about these laws.  Then the Torah seemingly repeats the oath of the סוטה.  Why is this?

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