Valuable Lessons by Moshe Blackstein


The Torah starts with the words “Bereshit Barah Elokim Et Hashomayim Viet Haaretz. Vihaaretz Hayta Tohu Vavohu…” “In the beginning G-d created heaven and earth, and the earth was empty and void.” Rabbi Chaim Dovid Green explains some valuable lessons that can be learned from Maaseh Bereishit. If everyone would realize that without Hashem there would be no heaven and earth, then people would think more about their existence in this world. Just like Hashem is the cause of the world’s existence Hashem is also the cause of our existence.

Another important lesson can be learned from the Pasuk of “Vayomer Elokim Vayehi Ohr,” “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’” Whenever a person is in a dark situation, or having a troubling experience, all that is needed to escape the darkness is a little light. This light represents the Torah itself. Therefore, when a person experiencing trouble finds that little bit of light, he can slowly escape from the darkness. A third lesson is learned from “Vayihee Erev Vayihee Boker Yom Echad,” “And it was evening (first) and (then) it was morning; one day.” This teaches us that night represents pain and suffering and day, represents light and all good. Since we know that day follows night, when a person is experiencing a difficult time, there is a “good” tunnel coming one’s way. Also, this is why Shabbat is at the end of the week. After a whole week of work and possible suffering comes some good.

Having just gone through the Yamim Noraim, the days of awe, and Sukkot, the Chag of happiness, may we all use the light from those days to shine upon the rest of the new year.

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