Visiting the Sick by Yisroel Ellman


In this week’s Parsha we see that on the third day after his circumcision, Avraham did not experience  physical pain, which is normally the most intense on the third day.  Instead, he experienced mental anguish because he had had not had guests for two days and that had bothered him.

He sent Eliezer to look for people to invite.  Unfortunately, Eliezer returned alone.  Avraham decided to sit in the doorway to see if there was anyone passing by.

That day it was very hot.  The Midrash tells us that Hashem had brought some of the heat from Gehenom into the world.  This would help heal Avraham’s wound and at the same time it would keep people away so that Avraham would not have to deal with guests.  But seeing that Avraham was suffering from not having guests, Hashem told the angels “we will go and visit Avraham.”

This visit achieved two goals.  It was a visit to a sick man and a chance for Avraham to have guests.

In addition, since Hashem personally went to Avraham to visit the sick, we see how important and proper visiting the sick is.  Chazal teach us that one who visits the sick will be saved from the judgment of Gehenom and be rewarded in this world.

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