With Hashem’s Help by Dani Yaros


In Parashat VaYakheil, the first of this week’s two Parshiyot, Moshe calls for help in building the Mishkan (Shemot 36:2), “VaYikra Moshe El Betzalel VeEl Ahaliav VeEl Kol Ish Chacham Leiv Asher Natan Hashem Chochmah BeLibo, Kol Asher Nesao Libo LeKorvah El HaMelachah LaAsot Otah,”  “Moshe called for Betzalel and Ahaliav and every wise-hearted man whose heart Hashem endowed with wisdom, everyone whose heart inspired him, to approach the work, to do it.”  In this Pasuk, it is implied that any man could have done the work to build the Mishkan, not only those who were gifted by Hashem with artistic talent.  How could it be that any person was allowed to assist Betzalel in the building of the Mishkan, which was such an important and expensive project?

The Chafetz Chaim, in his Sefer Torat HaBayit, explains that, really, some members of Klal Yisrael were naturally unable to build or paint as well as others; however, if they wanted to help for the sake of the Mitzvah, Hashem assisted them as well.  Accordingly, it is apparent that the determining factor for helping in the creation of Hashem’s home was not artistic talent per se.  Rather, “Everyone whose heart inspired him, to approach the work,” or anyone who wanted to help for the sake of Shamayim was given the ability to create such sophisticated pieces of art.  As Jews, we must recognize that this idea found by the building of the Mishkan must apply to our daily lives as well.  If we try to perform a Mitzvah and act properly, then Hashem will help us in our quest and our goal will not be too difficult to achieve.

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