Kashering Glass Part IV by Rabbi Chaim Jachter

Editors’ note: The following article by Rabbi Chaim Jachter is the fourth part of a series on Kashering Glass. For the first, second, and third parts, please visit koltorah.org.


VIII - Corelle Dishes

       The Star-K website, reflecting the views of Rav Moshe
Heinemann, rules that corelle dishes have the status of glass. This opens the possibility for Sephardic Jews to use corelle dishes for both meat and milk. Sha’arei Orah member, Ovadia Jacob, posed this question to me, and I inquired after Rav Shmuel Khoshkermann’s opinion.  He believed that even Sepharadim must be concerned for the possibility that corelle dishes have the status of Klei Cheres
(earthenware), and thus, should not be used for both milk and meat. It also means that Hagalah may not be performed on these dishes. On the other hand, since the issue remains uncertain, Tevilat Keilim without a Berachah is required for such Keilim.

       Indeed, Rav Moshe Feinstein is cited by his renowned Talmid, Rav Aharon Felder, as adopting the position that corelle is regarded as Safeik Cheres and Safeik Zechuchit, uncertain as to whether it is earthenware or glass (Ohalei Yeshurun 1:87). Rav Moshe is also cited as ruling that a corelle dish may be rendered kosher in case of great need, if it has not been used for a minimum of twenty four hours.  In such a case, only a rabbinic prohibition is involved. In a case of great need, one may invoke the principle of Safeik D’Rabbanan L’Hakeil.


Ashkenazim at Sephardic Homes for Pesach and Year Round

Most Sephardic Jews follow the ruling of Rav Karo that glass utensils are non-absorbent. They follow this ruling even regarding Pesach. Rav Ovadia Yosef says this rule is true even regarding Pyrex and Duralex. Ashkenazic Jews, however, do not kosher glass utensils for Pesach.  The consensus view permits Ashkenazic Jews to kosher glass utensils for non-Pesach use.  Ashkenazim may kosher Pyrex and Duralex for non-Passover use and may kosher Pyrex and Duralex for Pesach if done three times, in accordance with the ruling of Rav Tzvi Pesach Frank.

Sephardic Jews who host Ashkenazic Jews for Pesach should not serve Ashkenazic Jews on glass utensils that were used for hot Chametz.

Similarly, Sephardic Jews should not use Pyrex and Duralex for both meat and milk if they host Ashkenazic Jews in their home.

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