Power of Prayer By Jeremy Jaffe


In Parshat Bo Hashem said to Moshe “Rioo Ki Raa Neged Pineichem” Look the evil intent is opposite your face.”  These words are very hard to understand.  What does Hashem mean when he says this?  The Seforno gives us a possible explanation.  He says that it means that your actions are headed to an evil end, which you will certainly reach.  Rashi offers another explanation.  Rashi quotes a Midrash which states that there was a star called Evil which Pharo’s astrologers discovered.  When Aharon and Moshe came to speak to Pharo, he told them, “I see by my astrology that a star rising towards you in the desert is a sign of blood.”  When Bnai Yisrael sinned with the golden calf, Hashem wanted to kill them.  Moshe prayed to Hashem, and said, “If you kill the Jews then the Mitzrim will say it is because of the star called Evil.”  Therefore, Hashem forgave Am Yisrael right after hearing Moshe, at least to the extent that he would not wipe them out completely.  This shows us the incredible power of prayer.  Since Moshe davened to Hashem he spared   all of Am Yisrael.  Even if we do not have a personal need to daven to Hashem we should nevertheless Daven because there are other people that may still need Hashem’s help.

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