Warning! by Chaim Cohen


In Perek 10, Pasuk 1, Hashem says to Moshe that he should go to Pharo because Hashem hardened Pharo’s heart, “Leman Shati,” “So that I can put my signs.”  The Ramban says that the reason Hashem wanted to put signs was to show Bnai Yisrael His glory, and not only to punish Pharo.  Rashi disagrees and says, that since Pharo broke his word three times, Hashem saw that Pharo would not fully repent with all of his heart unless Hashem did wonders in Egypt.

Ramban’s opinion has more basis in the rest of Tanach.  In Perek 3 Pesukim 6 and 7 the Navi Tzifanya writes, “Hichrati Goyim Nashamu Pinotav… Amarti Ach Tiree Oti Tikchi Musar.”  “I have cut off nations, their to webs have become desolate… I said surely you will fear Me, you will accept Mussar.”  So, we see that Hashem does destroy nations to send a message to Bnai Yisrael.  Also, had the purpose been to punish Egypt, Hashem could have smitten Egypt with one fell swoop.  Rather, it is drawn out to show Bnai Yisrael that this was from Hashem, the G-d of their forefathers.  Next, Bnai Yisrael might not have accepted the Torah at Har Sinai if Hashem had not proven that he was their God, since when he appears to Klal Yisrael he says “For I am Hashem who took you out of Egypt.”  We can learn from here that we should follow the news, even if it does not concern us or our brethren in Eretz Yisrael, since it can be a message from Hashem that we must improve. 

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